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The Ultimate Guide to Promoting and Marketing Your Christian Band

May 13, 2019

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Do you have a Christian band that you want to promote? Are you constantly asking other people how to promote your band? If so, you need to stop and listen, because there are some things that have changed in the world of promoting Christian bands.

When promoting bands and musicians in a niche like Christian music, radio is no longer the most efficient avenue. Why is this? Well, because we live in a heightened technological age where people are streaming music and going on the internet and/or their phones rather than listening to the radio. 

To adapt to the times that we currently live in, we are providing you with a list of Christian band promotion ideas that work in 2019.

Go ahead and get the band together, because with these band marketing ideas, you will be out playing music for the world in no time!

Christian Band Marketing Idea #1: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is the process of getting more traffic on a website. This is an important band marketing tool to use in current times. By increasing the search engine optimization on the website for your Christian band, you are making your band known to more people.

To use search engine optimization, you need to first create custom websites for your band. Once you do that, you need to research specific and SEO friendly keywords to use on your website. Doing this will make your band’s website rank high in a Google search.

To further increase the search engine optimization of your Christian band, you should consider registering your website on Christian search engines as well.  

Band Marketing Idea #2: Social Media

Social media is a tool that all marketing professionals currently capitalize on. To use social media for Christian music promotion, you first need to figure out which social media sites your fans are most active on. Once you do that, create a band page on each of those sites where you can post information about your band and your band’s upcoming gigs.

Your Christian band should also create a YouTube page where you all can share music and video content with your fans. Whether it is through YouTube or a social media page like Facebook or Twitter, do not forget to also comment and talk to your fans through these social media sites.

Band Marketing Idea #3: Fan Engagement 

One of the band promotion ideas that we briefly touched on already is fan engagement. One way to engage with fans is to interact with them on social media. Another marketable way to engage with fans is to sell or give them merchandise such as band t-shirts, stickers, and posters.

Band Marketing Idea #4: Press Releases

In Christian music promotion, it is a good idea to utilize press releases. Press releases are official media statements. 

To create a good press release, go to press release websites like prweb.com, prfree.com, and Christiannewstoday.com. You can put your release in a print publication, get it read on local radio stations, or feature it on local television.

Band Marketing Idea #5: Buzz Events

A classic way to get your Christian band’s name out there is to actually play live gigs. Even if it means playing for free or for a small price, playing music in your local area will make more people aware of your band’s existence. Some places that you can get a gig at as a Christian band include parks, band contests, Christian bookstores, churches, regional events, weddings, and music festivals.

When booking an event for your Christian band, make sure to tell the venue what other artists you plan on having play at the event. Also, when choosing those other artists, make sure that you are picking artists based on the number of seats they can sell. This is important because the more seats that you fill at a musical event, the more people you'll reach.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to venue seating is that you should try to have at least 90% of the seats filled. If your Christian band is playing at a paid buzz event, then you should try to give fans incentives to buy the tickets early. For example, you can offer better seating to fans who buy their tickets within the first week of them being on sale.

To combat the stress that comes with competing with other bands and musicians in such a small niche, make sure to book your Christian band’s appearance at an event as early as possible.

Band Marketing Idea #6: Email Marketing

Because email is still one of the most effective ways to sell music, merchandise, and tickets, it would be wise to use this band marketing technique. To use email marketing, your Christian band should create a weekly newsletter to send to all the fans that subscribe to your band’s website.

The Ultimate Effect These Band Marketing Ideas Will Have on Your Music Career

Although promoting Christian music can seem difficult, when you use the proper marketing ideas, your Christian band can have a flourishing career. Whether this career will flourish to the point where playing Christian music can be your main form of income is up to you. Remember, nothing good in life comes easy. 

To get to the level of success in your Christian music career as people like Lauren Daigle or Casting Crowns, you will need to be persistent, as it will take some time. In the meantime, if you want to listen to some of the top Christian bands today, go to the Artist and Band page on our website.