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How CBD Breaks the Stigma of Cannabis and Why It Is In-Demand

Jun 25, 2019

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Despite the common notion attached to cannabis, specifically as an illegal substance, its use has continued to spread in different parts of the world where it is deemed legal. What makes cannabis socially acceptable is the fact that it has medicinal and therapeutic benefits long recognised in society. As scientific research develops, the potential of cannabis from the hemp class has been seen through the single compound found in the plant called Cannabidiol (CBD) that has fantastic properties but is not intoxicating compared to the marijuana variety of cannabis plants. Since the discovery of this feature, some countries have permitted the legal use of CBD as long as it is extracted from the industrial or organic hemp. The legal battle continues regarding whether to allow CBD or not in many countries, but the studies made and the testimonials of positive results by users have helped to break the stigma about CBD and cannabis.

No intoxicating effects

The first and most mentioned reason for banning or limiting the use of CBD is the intoxicating effects it may induce in the user that can lead to addiction. But the scientific studies differentiate the CBD among the hundreds of cannabinoid compounds found in hemp, which is a type of cannabis plant that is not considered as a controlled substance. It is said to be completely non-psychotropic and will not give any user a “high” effect. What causes the misconception of CBD is the high-level of Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, present in some CBD products. But CBD per se contains no more than 0.3% of THC making it legal in most countries.

Proven medicinal and therapeutic benefits

Even if there is still legal ambiguity regarding the use of cannabis in some countries, this cannot deny the fact that CBD has a lot of medicinal and therapeutic benefits to provide its users. The potential of CBD is supported by scientific studies on how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system that is responsible for the regulation of many body functions, leading to the prevention or curing of illnesses. CBD has shown to provide anti-inflammatory, neuroprotectant, and analgesic effects to anyone who uses it. Today, CBD is widely used by people who are suffering from chronic pain, seizures, and even symptoms of anxiety. These facts are more than enough to correct the wrong impression about cannabis in general.

A variety of products that aresafe to use

Since the majority of the responses of CBD users add to the extended proven benefits of CBD, different products are infused with CBD to make people comfortable with its use. These products are either infused with hemp oil extract or with CBD isolate which is powdery and said to be the purest possible form of CBD used in edibles and skin care products. The breakthrough in the products devised is concrete proof that cannabis is no longer the kind of substance that people should be scared of using.

Although there is still some stigma attached to the use of CBD from cannabis, the proof of how CBD has helped to relieve a variety of medical conditions cannot be discounted.