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Creating a Summer Skin Care Routine

May 08, 2019

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Is your skin looking a little dull or lackluster?

The long dry winter is coming to an end. It's time to peel off the sweaters and gym leggings and get back out into the world!

And as we move into the warmer and sunnier months of summer, your skin will be more exposed and have different requirements.

So it's a great idea to change your skin care regimen. Now is the time to breathe some new life into your winterized skin.

What Are Your Summer Skin Care Needs? 

Knowing what your skin requires depends on your skin type. Dry skin has different needs than oily skin. And sensitive or combination skin types have even more challenges.

One thing that benefits all skin types is collagen. As the most abundant protein in your body, collagen is crucial to good skin health

As we age, collagen production decreases. So regardless of your skin type, it's in your best interest to include one of the be st collagen supplements 2019 into your routine. 

From there, follow these three basic steps for brighter skin:

1. Cleanse

Your skin is in constant contact with dirt and other environmental pollutants every day.

So don't just settle for any soap. You need a targeted cleanser that's suitable for your particular skin type.

Washing your skin twice per day - once in the morning, once at night - is the key to avoiding clogged pores, acne and just general dullness. 

2. Tone

Back in the 1980s, toner was an alcohol-based product that was used to dry up oily skin and remove any leftover dirt after cleansing. But today's formulas are far more advanced.

Toners now do so much more, including:

  • Deliver an extra shot of nutrients
  • Help the other products in your regimen absorb better
  • Balance your complexion

Look for ingredients in your toner like alpha and beta hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, rose water, green tea, and vitamins E and C.

Applying toner is best done with clean hands - pouring a few drops on your palm and swiping it onto your face. 

3. Moisturize

Proper hydration is the best thing you can do to maintain healthy and glowing skin.

Even if you get the award for oiliest skin on the planet, you shouldn't skip moisturizing. Again, it's a matter of finding the right moisturizer for your skin type. 

Just as with cleansing, you should moisturize twice per day. 

But unlike with cleansers, you'll need different moisturizers depending on the time of day. 

Day creams tend to be lighter in consistency and are formulated with antioxidants to protect your skin from free radicals. Many of them also contain sunscreen - which is especially important in the summer months to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Night creams, on the other hand, focus on repairing damage. Many contain ingredients like retinol to counteract dark spots.

And since moisture levels in the skin decrease as evening approaches, night creams are also thick and rich with emollients to restore that moisture.

Brighten Up Your Skin This Summer

Keeping your skin healthy this summer is simple.

Once you know your skin type, it's just a matter of sticking with a consistent skin care regimen. So make it happen!

And for more great tips on living a pure and clean life, check out our top-rated blog posts. We aim to inspire.