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Reason Behind the Abduction of Bhanwari Devi

May 13, 2019

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sunil gurjar was a power broker living in delhi. He was a close associate with mahipal maderna, now sacked water resource minister of rajasthan. He was accountable for messing up the life of bhanwari devi and was a prime suspect in abduction as well as missing out on instance of bhanwari devi.

The story starts when a sleaze CD which connected mahipal maderna as well as bhanwari devi was mishandled by sunil gurjar. This CD which was the factor for him to transform evil was within the protection of bhanwari devi. Somehow, he procured a copy of it as well as started to blackmail the people in the video for almost a year. On top of that, an offer was struck between him as well as a buyer. 

He attempted to offer the CD to other person. This made bhanwari devi to fear him. She tried to inform these problems to maderna. But the offer was struck and the repayment was made. Maderna came to know regarding this deal only after 2 days of the deal.

He got close to bhanwari devi as well as earned her count on by arranging an incorrect kidnapping. This kidnapping was set up in such a way that; this henchman was to save bhanwari devi from kidnappers.

There are other people who got involved in this issue of bhanwari devi. These people was used for maintaining bhanwari devi under control. It was him that bhanwari devi satisfied before vanishing.

The husband of bhanwari devi filed a complaint as she was missing for few days. The court ordered the CBI for special interrogation. Recognizing this maderna fabricated of chest discomfort and was admitted in health center for numerous weeks. Some reporter was additionally struck by the supporters of maderna for covering the incident closely. Government has actually assured to take severe steps against sunil gurjar Nasirabad like individuals in the future.