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Beequeen Hair


Established in 2013, Beequeenhair Import-Export Joint Stock Company is now one of the top hair suppliers from Vietnam.

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Beequeenhair’s 32 inch extensions

Jul 09, 2019

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Apart from special situations, 32 inch hair extensions are our hair extensions with the longest length size.  Their length will actually make you surprised. Very few companies can supply hair with this length size because their sources are rare and the quality is not high. However, Beequeenhairtakes pride in being one of companies which can cater this demand.

If you want to have a completely new appearance with your short or thin hair, try finding out about our 32 inch hair extensions. Perhaps, this will be the most wonderful choice for you.

1 .Descriptions of Beequeenhair’s 32 inch extensions

As their name, Beequeenhair’s 32 inch extensions have the ideal length, which are approximately 80 centimeters. This is the ideal length that you can comfortably choose hairstyles that you want. Our 32 inch hair extensions are fixed into bundles with 100 grams per each one. Furthermore, you can order the different amount which is up to your demand.

2. Origin and quality

Our company’s 32 inches hair extensions have clear and truthful origin from virgin and remy hair of Vietnamese girls. All hair are processed and checked thoroughly so that hair products are always beautiful and strong. We also guarantee that remy hair will not easily get tangles.

Choosing our hair extensions, you will be satisfied because our hair are always natural, smooth and diverse. You cannot find mistakes such as shedding, tangles, nits, lice or any synthetic and animal hair on our extensions. Therefore, our products are always get good compliments from customers all over the world.