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Best 2019 Cat Litter Box Furniture

If you are a cat pet parent and looking for ways to ease the process of getting rid of your cat’s waste then a litter box is a perfect answer for it. These litter boxes are great to keep the bad smell at bay and clearing out everything easily.


We know that you have worked really hard to get a genuine emotional support animal letter but believe us, getting a litter box for your kitty will not make your life easier but it will keep your cat happy too.


To help you choose, we have made a quick round-up of the best cat litter box furniture. Go through it and get the one that meets your needs.


1. Good Pet Stuff Litter Box


This litter box is a great way of disguising a pet litter box. The box looks like a clay pot and can house large cats also. It is 10 inches wide and 20 inches. To complete the look, you can add some good quality plants in it. The ventilation system does not let any odor leave the box and keep everything clean and fresh.


2. The Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench


Looking for something that could fit various sizes of cat litter trays. The Washroom Bench has adjustable parting where you could store your cat’s accessories and important items. You can place the Cat Washroom on either side of the cupboard, which makes it an ideal item for any room.


3. The Sweet Barks Cat Litter Cabinet


This litter box is a perfect definition of affordability and functionality. It could be doubled to take the shape of a nightstand or a side table also and is great for apartments and places that are short on space. Additionally, you can also make it a warm cozy place for your feline to have a nap.


4. The Refined Litter Box Cabinet


This litter box is as refined as its name says. It is elegant, comes with an internal plastic liner, high walls, adjustable walls and a wooden litter catch to avoid any mess. It also has a storage drawer to keep all of your cat essentials and adjustable slots to absorb any unpleasant odor.


5. The ecoFlex Litter Loo


This litter box is made with non-toxic material like the blend of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood. It is super easy to clean and maintain as it does not absorb any smell or moisture from your feline’s feces. Besides, it could also be transformed into a nightstand or a side table.


6. The Petsfit Doubledecker Covered Cat Litter Box


The box has a unique structure as there are two compartments built on top of each other. The cat enters the box from the top hole and then goes to the bottom from the hole made into the dividing shelf. The box could fit into any room and will keep your house still smelling fresh and clean.


An ESA cat or dog does a lot for us. They help us get rid of stress and depression and help us get our lives on track. Doing something as small as getting a litter box for your cat will express your gratitude and love for your furry friend.

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An ESA is an animal companion that provides support, comfort, and companionship to the mentally and physically disabled person through their presence. Different types of animals can serve as ESAs but dogs, cats, and horses are proved to the best | more

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