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TheFirst  Guide

TheFirst Guide|United Arab Emirates

The first Guide is one of the most popular App which provides university/institute related information all over UAE. If you need to know about best institute and universities in the UAE then “TheFirstGuide” is the best option.

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Top Higher Education Apps for Students in UAE

Jun 27, 2019

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There are several educational apps for students that will pop into your head. But if you are looking for some high-quality apps that provide you complete university guides and other learning tutorials then you are landed on the right page. In this write up you will get complete details about University Guide Apps for Students in UAE.

Luckily, in this write up we have listed the Study Guide Apps for Students that help you to keep motivated and informed at the same time in this tech-driven city. So here we would like to share with you the top apps that you should download to stay updated.

These apps will not only make your life easier but Fun at the same time.

The Revision App

Technology has made everything possible and the same goes with this application. The revision app is an app that efficiently helps students. In this century, it seems like technology has achieved what we have never thought of before. You can make revision fun with this application.

The First Guide

This is one of the best apps that you need to avail of for higher education. It is the Best Educational Institute Guide App in UAE that has got all the information about universities and colleges enlisted in it. Getting higher education is nowadays becomes a trend and for this, you need the help of experts to consult and get complete information about an organization that can help you out most excellently and probably.

Well, The first guide is an app that covers all of the Emirates colleges and universities. This app provides you with notifications every time a new college is added in the list.

Student Planner Apps

Several apps are available for students for exams such as the LSAT, MCAT, GMAT, and GRE tests, which are used by a lot of graduate schools as a fraction of the admissions procedures. This app helps students in planning their schedules according to exams using social networking-style functionality which thus permits other users of the application to connect with other test-takers and read thoroughly the revision materials. You can also track the report of your learning progress.

Student Safety Apps

Nowadays there are apps for everything and this can make life much easier, cheaper and more fun than before. Student safety apps help you in every aspect like taking notes, revising, tracking your report and much more. These student apps help students to stay safe if they are out alone at night.

Well, there are several apps for students that have been developed for various reasons. All these high education apps are designed and developed for balancing the needs of college students.

if apps are designed and developed in tandem with educational technologists, balancing the needs of children, parents and teachers.