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Toby smith

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I am a professional blogger, web content optimizer, social media strategies, and I've worked for few high profile's brand's as well.

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Play With A Bang!

May 06, 2021

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Drums are a great, longstanding instrument for musicians of all styles. Contrary to what many people believe, drums aren't just in use for rockers at concerts. It is also used for genres such as salsa and blues, jazz-fusion, and even classical music! 

Drums produce sound waves that could take anyone from pounding out a hollow rhythm to playfully banging it papa-style! Drummers can get together and swap techniques while having a fantastic time - no matter their musical taste! 

This incredible musical instrument takes creativity to new heights, and there's a drum for everyone! If you're not one for structured patterns but instead like to improvise on various rhythms, we've listed down three types of drums that are perfect for you!

Bass Drum: The King of Drums

The bass drum is an acoustic, large-size drum that sits on the floor and plugs into amplified sound systems. This drum is predominantly used in most rock genres and is one of only four parts directly related to rhythm. As such, it's often heard before all other instruments even enter the mix. Professional singers also depend on this pulse to establish their pitch while singing.

Snare Drum: The Powerful, High-Pitched Beat

Snares are one of the most fantastic tools in a drum set. It produces sharp, lively accents to punctuate the beat once or twice every measure. Ever get bored with a song? Turn on some snares!

Snare drums are used by many different groups, including marching bands, concert, and military bands, country music, punk rock, and cultures worldwide.

These percussion instruments have been around for centuries and were initially made from animal skin stretched across a frame. Today, manufacturers can use synthetic materials such as plastic film or wire planks to create great-sounding snares that mimic animal skins. 

Steel Drum: Pumping Blood

Don't let the name fool you – steel drums are some of the most versatile instruments around! 

Whether you're into jazz, funk, or reggae, there's no better instrument to get that sound than the humble steel drum. With a wide variety of sizes and sounds to choose from, it won't be hard to find your perfect match. 

Tapping out rhythms, filling in between stanzas of a song, or evoking musical spells -these versatile pots make occasional appearances on stage concerts and behind reggae bands alike! With their signature "ring-a" sound all around them, it is no wonder why steel drums are loved by musicians and festivalgoers alike. We won't blame you if you go looking for buy steel drum right away!

The drums are one of the oldest instruments known. They vary in many ways, but they all provide the beat and pulse of the show. It can be used to provide backup for just about any musical genre, heavily featured on the soundtrack for just about every jazz concert, and always the highlight of a rock show. With all of this power under your belt, literally, it's easy to see why everyone needs drums in their lives!