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Christians In Construction Unite To Work In A Different Way

Jun 01, 2021

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The cost of construction is high, and it gets higher when you consider hiring a professional. It is for this reason why Christians constructors came together so as they can support each other.  Unite is meant to benefits the church in that they help each other in the building of churches.

The move to come together led to the formation of the Corinthian network. The network members come from different places to team up and construct new churches hence lowering the construction cost among other church projects. If you have not heard about this network here, you'll learn about them and the roles or how they help the church; for instance, they offer cis payroll services, among other services.

Roles of Construction industry professionals

On the construction site, different professionals are playing f=different roles. The Christians understand the need to unite to come together and assist in building new churches without having to look for each other.

Among the professional in construction include

  • project managers
  • architects
  • building surveyors
  • quantity surveyors
  • structural engineers
  • party wall surveyors
  • CDM co-coordinators
  • building contractors
  • Material or service suppliers.

When this professional comes together, they ensure no exploitation or high cost incurred when building church projects. They also offer consultation fees at a reasonable price, and the network support fair, transparent in the construction of any project.

How newly formed church construction network help the church?

If you have heard about this Christian construction network and wonder how it will help the church. Here the argument of the group leader Ralph Hilton. He is a chartered building surveyor and Corinthian Network leader; “We are actively seeking to join those who will 'walk the walk' not just 'talk the talk'. I am excited that more connections are being made across the industry and would love to see more churches benefit from Christian teams in many regions.”

The Corinthian Network, named after 1 Corinthians 3:11-15, will assist churches in applying strong business concepts to property planning and dealing with financial dealings for development and maintenance projects. They want to build a portfolio of church clients and develop a system for vetting contractors' honesty. Most builders and constructors strive to maximize their earnings, and Construction Network seeks to ensure that those who are part of their network limit their earnings to a particular amount to assist church clients.

The network will also aid the church in identifying ways to use their buildings or land to fund and expand church activity and outreach. In addition, the networks have experts who offer services like cis payroll, cis Payroll Company, and cis payroll services. Corinthian consultants and contractors will provide time, advice, and profits to charity by donating a portion of their fees or turnover to Ministries without Borders, a Christian organization that helps people in the UK and throughout the world, and by aiding church customers for free to an agreed-upon level.

The Christian construction network seeks to establish new standards and restore morals in the construction industry. Their aim is also to deal away with the exploitation of the church by the constructors.  Suppose you are interested to know more about the Christian construction network. In that case, you can contact them for advice or contact about their services like cis payroll, cis Payroll Company and cis payroll services cis payroll, cis Payroll Company, and cis payroll services through 01704 571111.