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How To Know The Difference Between Dallisgrass And Crabgrass

Jun 24, 2021

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It Is Easy To Mistake Grass Weed Species

Most likely, you have seen these grass weeds. They grow on the lawn and make your lawn look unsightly. It is common to confuse them. That is why it is important to be equipped with information about dallisgrass vs crabgrass. This information will help you to know how to control these invasive weeds.

Before you purchase an herbicide that will be used to control weed grass, you need to ensure that you have properly identified the kind of weed that you are dealing with. That makes facts about dallisgrass vs crabgrass extremely important.


The texture of dallisgrass differs from that of crabgrass. It has a coarser texture than that of crabgrass. You can easily tell its texture by handling it. Because of its coarse texture, dallisgrass is very stubborn compared to crabgrass.


The growth of dallisgrass is usually fast while that of crabgrass is slow. If left uncontrolled, it can end up conquering your lawn or garden. As soon as you see any sign of a grass weed, you need to control it. You can do so using an herbicide.

If fertilizer has been applied on the lawn or garden, dallisgrass will grow quickly. However, fertilizer will make crabgrass grow slowly. That is because it is suppressed by thick lawns.


Dallisgrass has a shorter rhizome while crabgrass has a longer rhizome. The shorter rhizome makes it difficult to control dallisgrass. If the soil is somewhat moist, dallisgrass will establish its roots within a very short time.

The rhizome of a weed grass is used to store carbohydrates. Therefore, the weed grass will constantly be growing and can expand in width and height in a matter of days. A weed grass will sap nutrients from the lawn. That will make the grass on your lawn to be unhealthy which will affect its appearance.

Seed Heads

The seed heads of crabgrass are fine and small; they emerge out of the stem. Dallisgrass has bigger seed heads. Weeds just like any other plant are matured from the seeds.

Leaf Coloring

Weeds have leaves. They are used to receive energy from the sun which is important for the growth of any plant. The leaves of these weeds are green in color. For the case of crabgrass, it is lighter green while for dallisgrass it is darker green.

Stems and Branches

Crabgrass has larger stems and branches while dallisgrass has smaller ones. The stem grows from the root and supports the rest of the plant. Nutrients from the roots pass through the stems.


When crabgrass gets favorable conditions, it will look like other grasses. That will make it hard to identify it and therefore difficult to control it. Dallisgrass has a distinct appearance and you can easily tell it apart from the other grasses in your lawn.

The Bottom-Line

Anyone who owns a lawn will be interested in dallisgrass vs crabgrass. These grass weeds have destroyed many lawns. They are difficult to eliminate once they have grown. Thus, you require a preventative strategy.