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The Next Generation Ed Marshall Jewellers Raid Oris Watches

Jul 12, 2019

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Elegant watches are a must have. Everyone likes to possess a fancy classical watch that goes with their status and makes them feel proud in front of others. Such watches come in many famous brands and are considered elite belongings. These watches are a great possession when you visit any great functions and occasions.

As they show the status of a person, they come for a pretty hefty price. The watches are made of high quality materials and sometimes even with exquisite materials too. This is the reason why these watches are a bit costly.

In this article, we will talk about the famous watch of Oris brand called the “Ed Marshall Jewellers Raid Watches”.

The Famous Swiss Brand- All You Need To Know

Oris is a famous watch making brand of Switzerland setup in the year 1904 by the famous watchmakers Paul Cattin and Georges Christian. It is a company which even today produces top notch luxury watches since over a hundred years. The timepieces produced are very elegant both in looks and by nature and are also produced of highest calibre.

What makes Ed Marshall jewellers raid watches stand out among other luxury watches is that it produces a wide range of luxury watches in collaboration or in other words in partnership with famous companies like Formula1 and BMW.


About the watch

As mentioned above the watches are of an elegant and classy look. Anyone who would get his hands on this watch would go in awe by its looks and features. The specifications of the watch can be pointed out as follows:

  • The case of the watch is made of stainless steel and the strap is of black leather.
  • The watch comes with a black dial and silver tone hands. It has a fixed bezel.
  • Analogue dial with Arabic/Index hour markers.
  • The outer rim has minute markers

There are many more exquisite features about the watch which are too awesome and absolutely worth the price.

The Stellar Features

The facts which make Ed Marshall Jewellers Raid watches a renowned watch in the market are mentioned below:

  • The watches are made with great Swiss mechanical minds.
  • The company has earned goodwill for being in the market for more than 100 years.
  • The watches are innovative and genuine
  • The company is independent and produce next gen watches with stellar features constantly developing.