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5 Guidelines for Installing Your Bearings Appropriate the first Time

Oct 21, 2019

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The installation approach of one's bearing is essential towards the success of one's application. Follow these directions to decrease downtime and increase performance. Get extra information about NTN bearings

1) Select the top bearing for your application

Not all bearings are made equal. Picking out the very best seal and very best shaft-locking mechanism for your bearing will improve general bearing performance and life.

2) Review manufacturers’ installation instructions

Generally review and follow the manufacturers’ instructions. There is certainly essential details in these instructions that can result in a successful install or replacement.

3) Assess shaft characteristics

The shaft will not need to be excellent, but does need to be in decent situation. The shaft size is critical.

4) Ensure suitable bearing position and tightening of shaft-locking mechanism

Follow the equipment manufacturers’ recommendation for positioning the fixed and expansion units. Tighten the shaft locking device per the installation guidelines. Be sure the bearings are aligned - misaligned bearings will bring about near immediate failure, building unnecessary downtime.

5) Use appropriate lubricant

Relubrication inside the appropriate intervals and suitable quantity will raise bearing life, which results in significantly less downtime and reduced price.