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Bearing Buying Guide

Oct 20, 2019

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This guide covers the fundamental variables that influence a bearing’s cost and overall performance so that you could make an informed selection when acquiring your next set. Get much more information and facts about NTN bearings

Subjects covered on this page incorporate:




Ball Count

Serviceable vs Sealed


The vast majority of bearings used in skating applications are sized for 8mm axles; these are also referred to as common 608 bearings. 7mm (627) bearings are somewhat uncommon by comparison, although other sizes for example Micro (688) are only seldom seen. Because the only true restriction in regards to bearings, we advocate purchasing the size that your axles and wheels are developed to make use of.


Bearings are most efficient when friction is at its lowest, so supplies play a pivotal part in performance. Several bearings are constructed from steel alloys which might be hard and reasonably priced. Maintain an eye out for elements or coatings created from bronze, titanium, and specifically ceramic - these will improve a bearing’s resilience, durability, and functionality. Ceramic bearings are broadly regarded as the very best that money can get.


Numerous suppliers seek out an ABEC rating that scores bearings on a scale of 1-9. Higher ABEC scores indicate a more precisely produced bearing, nevertheless, the system was developed for industrial applications, not skating. Consequently, a number of companies forgo ABEC ratings on their skate bearings and go for “skate rated” labels that signifies that the bearing was tested and authorized for skating.

Number of Balls

Skate bearings traditionally have seven balls that supply a fantastic balance of acceleration, prime speed, roll, and durability. Six ball bearings use larger balls that produce much less friction and roll longer, producing them best for sustained skating at higher speeds (assume 27-in-5 or banked track). Eight ball bearings have smaller sized balls that far better withstand side loads, which makes them wonderful for higher speed or aggressive turning (consider park skating). Derby is often a combination of all of these issues, so uncover your magic number!

Serviceable vs Sealed

Serviceable bearings feature removable shields or plastic retainers that enable you to clean and re-lubricate your bearings. Most high-end bearings is going to be serviceable to permit you to sustain optimal roll and extend the life in the bearing. Sealed bearings have non-removable shields that help preserve out harmful debris, however they cannot be cleaned and would have to be replaced when not performing as preferred. Sealed bearings are terrific for all those skaters not thinking about bearing maintenance but are inclined to lack the functionality provided by serviceable bearings.