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Learning from Jonathan Little Coaching Platform: MTTs And Cash Game

Apr 07, 2020

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MTT means Multi-Table Tournament and it is a tournament where multiple tables play down to just a single table, and a winner is eventually crowned i.e. play occurs across multiple tables at the same time.

This platform contains quite a few useful charts which covers GTO play at various stack depths. You would also find preflop charts for both the full ring and 6-max. There are a number of videos which MTT players would find interesting, an example of this is how to leverage your stack.

The Webinar section also contains many lessons taught by high-profile professionals, which addresses MTT play specifically. The Webinars not only cover specific topics, but also provide hand reviews from different tournaments these professionals or their students have played.

There are various courses specific to MTT that might interest you. These include:

  • The Bigger $109 Review
  • Mike Sexton’s Winning My First Tournament
  • Advanced Bubble Play by Scott Clement
  • Several WSOP Videos
  • Zachary Elwood’s Top Tournament Tells, etc.

CASH GAME:Quite a number of videos found in the Classes section are general. However, there are a couple of courses that are specific for cash games. These courses include:

  • Cash Game Master Class by Jonathan Little
  • Jonathan Little’s Live at the Bike
  • How to Beat Wild Games, etc.

Jonathan Little’s Cash Game Master Class

This is a special course Little added based on popular demand. It consists 29 lessons with topics ranging from the fundamentals to concepts that are advanced. This Mater Class begins with several short videos in which some of the basic concepts are explained. After the fundamental lectures, Jonathan Little went on to explain a couple of vital preflop concepts. Some of the points encountered in these lectures might have been stumbled upon in the Classes section, but in this case, there is more focus on cash game. This implies that there are deeper stacks and MTT dynamics are absent. Interested in MTT and Cash Games? Various concepts and lectures are given about these games which you can learn from Little Coaching Program.

There are many fundamental lessons that can be followed and in all these lessons, Jonathan Little tried to explain the preflop concepts in simple terms. Videos are also available and some of these videos addressed several ideas you have already come across. Some video has course that cover a lot of interesting topics that are also important. Some of these topics include the bankroll management, ways of finding and recognizing games that are profitable, straddled pots, and deep and shallow stack play.  You do not want to miss out in this rare opportunity of becoming a master. These courses can be easily accessed on any device making it very convenient for users from different parts of the world.

Jonathan Little’s cash game master class is for everyone.