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Finding the Right Power Chair for Your Specific Need

Oct 08, 2020

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Powerchairs are of different forms and styles. There are front-wheel, mid-wheel, and back wheel drive power chairs. It depends on what kind of a power chair you would like to buy. You can also talk to an expert to make the right choice. A chair needs to do some specific functions that vary from one person to another. So, to make a proper assessment and evaluation of a power chair is extremely important.

The front wheel drive power chairs are great to choose if you want to move inside a museum, a photo gallery, or a library. The pneumatic tires are at the front of the scooter and the casters are at the back. The seat is placed above the front tires. So, when you are seated you can see the pictures in a gallery very well.

If you are looking for indoor use, the mid wheel drive power chairs are the best. It has a smaller 360-degree turning circumference and a very tight radius of 20 to 26 inches. So, you can easily ride the mid-wheel chair inside your kitchen or living room. The front and back casters make them stable. So, you can move around comfortably in your house and navigate around tight corners in a better way.Now, you may stop in a position and do a 360-degree spin without moving from that place.

But, when you plan to drive outside your house, the back wheel drive power chairs are the most suited for you. The rear wheel chairs have the largest 360-degree circumference and a turning radius of 30 to 33 inches. You'll find it easy to drive them on any surface because of their independent suspension and powerful motor. While driving if the front casters get up on an obstacle, still you wouldn't get stuck as the scooter is designed to run on any surface. The drive system of the rear wheel scooter is made to handle steep inclines and declines of rugged surfaces.

All the different kinds of scooters are engineered in a way to spread out their weight evenly. That means if the weight of the drive wheels is at the front, then the battery weight is kept at the back. In the case of mid-wheelscooters, the weight of the battery and wheels get balanced with front and back casters. The weight of the rear wheel scooters is also balanced with casters and by wise battery positioning.