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Ambassador Uche

Ambassador Uche|Nigeria

I am an Ambassador, a representative of Christ.

My Prayer

O Lord we ask that by your grace and mercy, you comfort and console the precious people of the phillipines especially the saints there as they battle to contain the aftermath of Typhoon |more

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I love Jesus and want to always do his will. Please read the revelations and prophecies on my blog and be prepared for the return of our Lord Jesus.

God moved me from works (self efforts) to Grace (Rest in Righteousness).

Ambassador Uche I need a Christian woman for marriage.


Then tell God not here. pray and don't be desperate. You cannot hit other members here one of cross.tv commandments. Thou shalt trust the Lord for your life partner. Do not hit on other members and do not ask them to marry you without knowing them personally. Be sensitive to other members’ priva

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Happy birthday. Have a blessed day, our thoughts are with you.

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My Blog


Friday, the 20th - For the world; 1. 2014 is a year of greatness. It's a year many people will step fully into destiny. 2. 2014 is a year of light, hope and redemption. By light, people will have | more

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