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Astrid Magerle


Prayer changes EVERYTHING - because JESUS CARES

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GOD IS AWESOME!!! He is doing so much here in our city & the whole country Austria :D People getting touched, open for the good news, healed and so much more! It would be great if you |more

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Apr 04, 2010

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I´m just reading "A Jewel in HIS crown" by Priscilla Evans Shire,
and it´s really worth to read it.
The last chapter became really important to me, so I wanna have it here as a blog :D


Do you ever feel worthless?
Do you ever look in the mirrow and wonder what anybody sees is you?

Satan would love to deceive as many people as possible into believing that they are good for nothing.
If he can make us feel as if we heave no value, he has found a way to keep us from fullfilling our destiny.
He knows very well how powerful we could be!

When we don´t value ourselves, our sence of worthlessness filters down our children, affects our friends and all people around us -
because they learn from us.
Too many people are imitation jewels who will, unfortunately,
raise their children to be the same unless some significant changes take place!
And Satan loves is, he has successfully influenced a generation who are truly diamnods, to believe that they are not valuable.
So they are like imitations.

Remember that you are the REAL THING - a unique diamond!
The Kind sees what is hidden beneath the mud.
He is at work in your life to make you shine like a star.
He´s at work in your life NOW and will continue to polish and perfect you as long as you live.
And "He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ" (Phil. 1:6).

Our King knows that you are NO IMITATION.